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If you have been following our page/blog, you would be knowing by now that only 12%-16% of applicants get accepted to their dream schools (Not a scare tactic, but a gentle reality check :D) .

To ensure that our clients are among the 12% of the accepted bucket, we have HAND-PICKED Consultants from top- B-Schools across the globe.

What makes our application consultants unique?


Brain-storm and dig deep into your profile to find data backed examples of your achievements and help you differentiate from the crowd

Relentlessly edit your essays until they are perfect and personalized

Resolve your queries and doubts ( even if you ping at 1 pm)

Provide you a healthy dose of motivation every now and then

Our Consultants Are Based In….

Our Consultants are Successful Alumni of Elite Schools such as…

What makes our application consultants unique?
Want to get to know the brains behind the acceptance letters?

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Similar to the above profiles, we have a cohort of 30+ Consultants who have been helping applicants across the globe get into their dream schools.

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